Thursday, July 2, 2009


The person who has caught my attention at the moment is Stefan Chinof. He is a Bulgarian designer who also deals with illustration, typography, and advertising. the mixture of all these things create such amazing pieces filled with vibrant colors and movement. His liquid illusions are just brilliant.

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  1. Those photos are breathtaking! Reminds me of those commercials for powerade, I think? The ones where theyre advertising sports water and people are doing flips and turning into splashes of water...or maybe this guy did those too? But anyway this guy is truly skillful and imaginative to use a substance thats so easily manipulated as the theme for his artistic transformations.

    This is sooo off topic (in a way) but I soo hated that water villian from the 90s Spiderman cartoon.

    But back into it, upon writing this Ive been trying to figure out what the second picture was. I thought it was of some crazy wine glass for some odd reason. Then I looked back and saw it as shoes and said all water falls down to a point depicting the smooth movement of a dancer. Sigh I need to get a strobe light so i can take pictures better