Sunday, July 19, 2009


Photos by:Jana St
Yet again another photographer I cannot find any info on :( Her work is really amazing and sort of eerie. I feel like they could be scenes in a horror film.I really like the one of the girl in the room seems that she is trapped and her imprint is left in every spot she has touched or punched. Her pictures are chilling.
Be sure to look more into her work.

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  1. O_o eerie is the right word for these. The first one reminds me of Silent Hill the video game/movie. The second is like that one scene ina horror movie where the girl tells the travelers they cannot kill the ghost through normal means. The last is the one that frightens me...I would hate to be trapped in a room with no escape and no one there to help me. It seems like with every "push" to get through the wall she losing more and more hope of escaping. *feels shivers* wierd photos but awesome concept and end product.