Monday, February 22, 2010

Mert and Marcus

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott became a team in 1994. Both photographers were born in 1971 in Turkey and Wales. They are well known fashion photographers and known for their portraits. "Mert and Marcus work deeply with the light with visual results that often end up a little strange, disconnected of the reality, but of an incomparable beauty"


  1. I LOVE the photos especially the last two photos. the position of the woman in all black beautiful. the mix of nature and the elements incorporated with various shapes. Each time i look at it i find a new creation!

  2. Beautiful photos and they are more correct in the imagination than reality like they say. The first photo really hits me because it has a strong connection between death and sexual beauty. As if by associating herself with death she's forever beautiful. The second reminds me so much of Lindsay Lohan, I'm like O_o. The third, fourth and fifth photos look like the subjects are deformed in some way. But it appears to be an optical illusion, though the third really looks like she growing out of her waist. Wow great find