Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is known for her wildly lit, staged, and provocative portraits of celebrities.
She has some amazing work, she has been taking photos since 1971. she actually started off doing black and white, and learned how to do color photographs on her own.

check her out


  1. i have been looking at annie leibovitz for a while now. i'm happy you chose to feature her. I love her mix and her thinking behind photos. I don't even know how her mind processes it all. her color combos are sick.! great research.. keep it coming..

  2. lol I have to address the last shot, I soo feel like that on alot of days. Theres something about just sleeping wide open...ehh maybe that didnt sound right? But moving on the second shot just told a whole boxing movie plot in one frame, which is amazing. She learned how to do color photos on her own u say? Well she did an amazing job. Oh and the cute girl in the garden in the first shot just makes me ask what is it about putting an attractive woman near green plants or bushes that makes them so appealing? the idea of Eve, maybe?