Monday, August 3, 2009


Daido Moriyama

My new fave photographer
Today I will let the images speak for themselves
I will explain more about him as soon as I get all my info correct
But for now enjoy :)


  1. Ahh finally took my medicine and clicked 'C' instead of 'F' in the address bar to take me here (yes I am that lazy that I let autocomplete type my websites). Damn facebook however and it's alluring blackhole of a commenting system. Though I have to say I've seen this post a long time ago but the words about them never made it to my fingertips...till now :)

    So lemme throw out a few instant thoughts shall I? (In the order the pix appear of course) Gasping for air, Creeping from behind, the seductive kiss goodnight on the telephone, school girl crush, and the arousal of temptation.

    Now these are some sexual photos (then again my mind lingers in the gutter as a past time). Even though they are stripped of color they are vivid with the emotion they portray to me. Through media and anime (lol ya know anime has to come up...especially with the schoolgirl pic thrown in) Japan is seen as the shy, conservative but deep inner turmoil society to America..or at least to me. Their portrayal of sex feels like they're still experimenting...

    But to not drift off too much, these pictures show the part we don't usually get to see when it comes to Japan...a place that isnt unlike our own borders.

    Who hasn't looked forward to that soft voiced sexy goodnight or that thought of who is she? Does she know what she's doin to me? (haha the last pic reminds me of that dancing on me song for some reason)

    Those are my thoughts or rather my 3am thoughts. Buenos noches, bueno fin de semana, goodnight Mr. Robo ;)