Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today I decided to focus on Aneta Kowalcyzk. She is a portrait photographer, but not just your average portrait photographer. They are not average portraits set against a plain backdrop. I also believe she is a fashion photographer as well and of course, :) , she specializes in black & white. Her color photos are also amazing.

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  1. lol One Word introduction! Inviting, Pathetic, Domination, and Hidden.

    The first one is the traditional bathroom romance (with rose and candles if at night). She's enjoying her bath when her love comes in as he didnt know she was in there...Love then happens ;) But really the curves of the bathtub and the horizontal lines of the table an shelf really put that piece together. It grabs you in a way and makes you want to tilt ya head to the left to get a better look at this seemingly inviting woman.

    As for the second she really needs to cut it out. lol she reminds me of those women out there who wear skin tight clothes and barely anything at all and become upset when men look at them the way they do. That I can't believe you just said that or that "what you think cuz I'm dressed like this I'm.." face is making this photo scold the viewer. The chair and downward angle shows how even if you have the upper hand, she still sees you as pathetic

    For this one I'l let my imagination runs wild (like theres a point it neva does lol) Both models appear unisex, they could be either male or female. That in itself set this pic apart from the oh big man takes control of woman pics. It's like it doesnt take gender but rather a strong will over another to dominate..

    Now there's so many things I want to say about the last one. She's cute in that curled up position but yet I feel wrong for looking at her that way as she stares at me in the shadows. The spotlight is on her and the empty corner, short pant leg of her outfit seem to attract all attention to her lower legs. Heels appear to divert attention from the hidden "bruises" she hides up above. Are there bruises and abuse hiding under her long sleeves or are we, the viewer, the ones hiding away from the light in the shadows?

    I love the pics alot, all define some sort of character (the color one still feels like she's waiting for me to scroll up and look at her). Love it!