Thursday, June 11, 2009

creative lines

I never really paid much attention to illustrators but ma eyes came across some one very intriguing today.
The illustrations of David Bray. He doesn't use much color but the attention is to the detail. His work is quite amazing and the women he illustrates are just so beautiful.


  1. I certainly agree and the picture at the bottom (the woman with the glasses) is beautiful and attractive the way she has that string hanging off her lips. Yo u are finding some very interesting stuff on the internet I give u props!

    Also here in DC we have this 9 story office building they didnt finish and instead of actually turning it into an office building they made it into an art gallery for different types of art. It's amazing how the art inside is mesmerizing and the large glass windows give you a equally mesmerizing view of Southwest DC.

  2. This is.. MAGNANIMOUS


    I love illustration digital as well

  3. i checked da site n dat gallery looks amazing now i kno next time i go to dc im not stuck lookin at monuments lol i wanna check it out on da realz

    n luc i luv dat word lol :)

    thanxs guyz