Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charles Ray

Charles Ray is a photographer, sculptor, and has even worked on films. I was just in awe with his work just because it is soo different. He was part of the Body Art Movement of the late 60's thru early 70's. His work is ahead of his time. His pictures are creative, odd, yet kinda creepy at the same time lol. I dont know what else to say I am just now a fan his work makes you wonder, "how does he do it?"
*wanted to add as well that Charles Ray is actually the body in that picture. You must check out more of his work hes sort of hard to find on the internet since they think you are talking about Ray Charles (sigh).


  1. lol das google at work when trying to search. But eh interesting photo he has there. Upon first glance i thought he mightve been impaled by that wooden board....but to the left i realized he's effin around haha. It has this sort of mesmerizing look to it. If you look from afar it looks like theres two guys and two walls with two boards instead of it being two different pics. Or maybe I think my mind works ina different way and there is only one pic? sigh lol he sure does make one wonder and ponder...WTF at least to me

  2. lol not only to u homie
    i def thought the same things i was like this is jus to cool to pass up