Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tom Hoops a very well known British photog with amazing pics in fashion and portrait. His pictures have a lot of intensity to them. Not usually a lot going on in the background of his photos. The focus is on the individual and the intensity of their eyes. The picture with the man with the knife through his cheek has me at a lost for words.
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  1. I've always felt that eyes are the most important feature on a face. Most emotion no matter how controlled can be seen through the eyes like a window to the soul. :) The first pic is awesome because of the framing of the eyes using those glasses. I kinda feel slow in not realizing the in depth reasoning behind the drastic change glasses can provide.

    As for the second pic, I too have no words...other than that dude is one bad mofo to have put a weapon through his face like that. I mean you see his eyes? I'd be either in pain or struggling to hold the pain in. He looks like he does it all the time, as if its nothing but a routine chore to him. This Tom Hoops guy is interesting, great post.