Thursday, October 15, 2009


Guido Argentini was born in Florence, Italy. Interesting thing is that he studied medicine for three years at the university of Florence. But, at the age of 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession and started to shoot fashion and beauty. Guido's photos focus on eroticism and beauty. All his photos have a very intimate feel to them. His latest work is currently coined the silver editions and the photos are amazing. For more info and photos click here


  1. Ya know it kinda makes me wonder if this style goes beyond this photog? These pics remind me of the Rihanna Umbrella video alot, I wonder if the director of it was paying homage to the style?

    But moving on the human body is a wonderful artistic creation. From the curves and structure of it's design it is a sight to behold. By adding silver paint to the bodies of the models it sort of severs them from humanity and allows the viewer to pay attention to the shapes and sizes of each section. By keeping the eyes and mind on analyzing the connecting straights and bends it feels like the second pic model might turn into a car any second now.

    Makes you wonder and think where do these designers get their ideas to shape what we use in our daily lives from. Remember the old cocoa cola bottle comes to mind